Friday, November 2, 2012

Ridiculous Self Portrait Series #5...

Shell xx


  1. Hi Mechelle! I have been enjoying following you blog and seeing your transformation! Congratulations - you look fantastic!! I really enjoyed reading your entry over at "Thoughts and Biro Sketches" and feel inspired! I'm planning on taking up running in the new year and was wondering if you had any tips on getting started (for someone who hasn't really run since I was a kid!)?? Also, do you use any particular style of homeschooling?? I'm just new at homeschooling this year and are keen to hear what works for you??

    Thanks so much! God bless,

    :) Martine

  2. Thanks Joyful!

    Hi Martine, Thanks for you comment, and the kind words! I learned to run from the 5K Runner app which I got from iTunes for about $1.99! I had never run in my adult life either, and this app was fantastic for training me to run a 5K over 8 weeks, with about 3 runs per week! I have included the link below.

    My philosophy for homeschooling is to create a very relaxed and encouraging learning environment. However you chose to educate your children based on their interests and talents is entirely up to you - I really don't think there can be a formula that suits everyone alike! I make sure they read the classic novels, practice their writing, mathematics and computer skills - but I place a higher emphasis on the arts because that's where my children seem to be naturally drawn to. I am sure it varies from family to family.

    I hope that helps.

    And good luck with the running, you'll never look back!



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