Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Of Trials and travels pt 3...

It seems like too many weeks have gone by without me finding, or making the time to post about our family's September adventures in South Australia.  So above are the rest of the sights from our travels:

An emotional visit with my beloved Omi, whose face, and heart are softer than velvet, and sweeter than honey.

One of many delicious family picnics in the September valley's sunshine enjoying the local produce.

German style delicatessens which feel as though time be standing still, and are all the better for it.

And my love, and I.  In Hardorf on the way home feeling the chill of the Adelaide Hills, and loving every moment of that...

With love, and apologies for my tardiness.

Shell xx


  1. Nice to see you looking well and happy and enjoying life with your family.

  2. That first photo, of you kissing your Omi, made my heart swell... and I second Joyful in saying that it is so good to see you looking well and enjoying life - this wonderful life - with your kin xx


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