Sunday, October 9, 2011

Accidentally in love - an adventure in Social Dancing...

I've never before been a dance student.  Never learned to put my feet, to the beat - as it were.  Yet I am feeling increasingly more at home on the dance floor - finding myself falling in love with a new/old and different era of music and culture, which is inevitably attached to this dance.

I have (accidentally) found another way to express my love of music, by giving my whole body - instead of just my fingers or my voice to the song.  And I say accidentally, because this wasn't how I expected to feel - and like a newbie in love I find myself thinking about it constantly!  Rock-stepping in the kitchen, or doing my Charleston down the hall (or in the shopping mall)!  Planning outfits to wear, and perhaps the most telling sign of a newfound love is feeling an awakening of somewhere inside yourself which until now, you hadn't known.

This may be just a dramatic way to tell you how much I am enjoying Swing Dancing - but truly, I have been through a formative saga of fear, and triumph and discovery, of excitement, and drama, and trauma, and courage, and delight!  

I think also, this culture may be bringing me closer than I've ever been before to finding where my voice really needs to really sing - in those diva-ish lower octaves, to those fabulous horns, skins and strings...  With a flower in my hair and Billie Holiday as my style and song guru.  Perhaps this is home? - for certain it is love...

Shell xx


  1. Looks like loads of fun! Isn't Billie Holliday's voice fabulous?

  2. It is thank you Joyful - and yes I am just immersing myself in a bit of Billie lately - and falling madly in love!

  3. Oh what merriment! How I wish I could come along too!

    p.s. loving the new crisp look on here, very spring-like!


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