Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Billie, eat-cha-heart-out...

It's time to parade another of my etsy purchases on this here blogette!  I have been in the habit lately -sometimes late into the night - of goggling in order to research various musically vintage & swingy things on the the interwebs - and so a couple of weeks ago I went for a virtual stroll through the world wide etsy mall, and on a whim searched Billie Holiday and out jumped these beauties from the computer and into my mailbox!

I am feeling quite smitten with them - and very nearly as cool as Billie {Please note: prior claim is a lie}!  But in any event, they are a fab find and a welcome addition to my growing collection and love of all things 40's!

: )

Shell xx


  1. LOVE these!!!!! You got style, girl! LOVE Frida!!!

  2. Oh it sort of looked like her..hehe! Oops!

  3. That's great! Love it! Enjoy your earrings! :) Martine


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