Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the last day...

Of Winter.
We picnicked under sporadic bursts of sunlight.
We said goodbye to one season.
And toasted the beginning of another.

{Which shall be made of many more picnics}!

Which season are you farewelling?

Shell xx


  1. We are saying goodbye to the summer, and hello to the cozy habits of fall, my favorite season. I love that you have celebrated the change with your children! I am a firm believer in the value of holidays to human beings. It is terribly important to mark changes and occasions...

  2. We're definitely noticing the cool breezes of autumn flushing out the hot summer months. I'm so thankful for it! We just added a few pine cones to our nature table today to welcome the change into our home.

  3. I'm a third person who is enjoying the tail end of the summer season. Soon the cool Fall will be upon us. So glad you are enjoying the season transition. Those are beautiful photos in your mosaic. xx

  4. a beautiful farewell to winter - which I have also been doing in my morning walks to work and my walks home at dusk. The little extra warmth and sunlight is glorious at the moment... And as always, adore your photos of Hillview x

  5. It's goodbye to summer here... alas, a summer I didn't really get to enjoy but I'm still glad to see the back of it. Autumn has always been my favourite season, not least because it brings my birthday, but also this year so many other exciting things :) xx

  6. We're saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Fall is my favorite season! Your winter looks so enjoyable. Ours is so cold and harsh, but still has it's good points. Hope you have a wonderful spring!! :)

  7. Thank you Lizzie - I'm always so sad when I have to give summer up - but the trade off to getting autumn is a pretty good deal I agree! (& I just realised these are all pictures of my nieces and nephews - gosh I really should have included some of my own little people)!

    Allison - a nature table? How wonderful!

    Joyful - so glad to hear from you, hope you've enjoyed your blogging break, I have enjoyed your blogging return! Have a wonderful autumn & God Bless!

    Miss Emily - we do get to share the same seasons, which I love - even if yours are a little more sub-tropical than mine. I wish I could meet you for a morning/afternoon walk with the your sunlight.

    Kle, at least you won't be too hot for the later months of this amazing time in your life. I can't tell you how glad I am that we're on the same road, together, in a sense, at the moment. xx

    Tea, our winter has seemed really really cold this year, but hey what's winter without the harshness and the raging winds and the bitter rain and the warmth found in doors with ones we love! Thank you, I plan to have the most blooming wonderful spring!


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