Saturday, September 4, 2010


Dear Spring,

You're blooming marvellous!
Shell xx


  1. While mother nature is putting on her blanket up here, I'm glad to see your first spring blooms. Very refreshing!

  2. Hello lovely. As always thank you for your lovely comment. Your comments always make my day :)

    In other news, I have FINALLY gotten round to buying some of your music off iTunes. I figured that coming onto your site and listening to the same few songs over and over was cheating! And you have such a beautiful voice.

    While listening to some of the other songs on iTunes, it occurred to me that there's a Maltese band that you might like... thought I'd recommend their music to you! The band is called Chasing Pandora - you'll find them on iTunes too. I love their album The Driver and the Dancer. Have a listen! xxx


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