Sunday, September 27, 2009


It had been several months since The Tullys had last done a fully wired, all singing-all-dancing big-wig-gig - and we, were, PUMPED!

The winter season in Australia offers a fair share of solo and duo work; {and I like to take time to edit, polish, record original work in my studio etc} but this was the first big gig of our Spring/Summer performance schedule with the four of us together to take on our beautiful audiences once more!

So even the afternoon before set up and sound check was feeling like fun!

The sight of sound guys setting up disco balls above the dance floor made me smile, and imagine what they were about to witness from up there in all their sparkly-ness...

Wine flowed - {though I don't drink it myself} - entree's were served, MC did his thing, and suddenly we were on. It is that moment I walk up there with the boys and become a different me. I decide I want everyone in that room to know I'm the best! They won't be able to ignore my voice, they won't want us to ever stop playing, and they will, for the few hours they're in our capable hands, forget everything else going on in their lives and just surrender - to music.

Which they did!

If you're in a band, you know there is nothing as cool as making people so happy. Live music brings everything to life! You take your own energy and talent, and plug in to their every musical need and wish. There is a spirit in the air when a band plays with their heart and soul and the audience has ears to hear and feel it. The exchange between you and them, the letting go in order to enjoy so completely, is magical, and addictive.

We remained PUMPED all night, and so did our crowd.

And to do what we do best, for a worthy corporate cause, to be back together gigging again, and to do all this with my dear friend slapping that Bass beside me, is nearly too much good living to bare.

Songsmith xx


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time!!
    It would be great to see you perform live!
    :) Martine

  2. ...nothing's as good for the soul as...sharing your passion with others...


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