Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crabapples, Camellias and other Springy Tales...


Since I posted to you last it has been a week of crazy movement, and motion...

  • I had a haircut;
  • Screen tested another little musical video (!) with my amazingly arty and talented sisters-in-law;
  • Planned a little visit to my abode with a little long distance friend of mine...
  • Spent almost an entire day helping to clean my other sister-in-law's house {which they've just finished renovating.}
  • Cut half of my finger nail off, with a knife!
  • Played Scattegories - and lost...
  • Entered a songwriting competition - & will probable loose that too!
And then all of a sudden it seems to be rolling back around to Friday, the weekend, and the first of many a Tullys gig for the Spring/Summer season!

But Please Note:

{In between such busyness - usually while dinner is boiling over on the stove {and because I cannot play piano at the moment with one finger out of order!} - I tend to take little prances around my garden wearing a floral maxi dress, armed with a camera, cup of tea and an eye to swoon at Crabapple trees, and Camellias...}

And {ps} I need to say a special thank you for every loving comment, and virtual pat on the back from all of you beautiful people who have taken the time to look at the Can't Seem To Sleep video; whether on The Tullys Facebook page, or here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your words come to my inbox when I least expect it, when I most need it, and I bow my hear in gratitude for a gift from the Lord which I am graciously permitted in this ole' world, to call my own.

Shell xx

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