Monday, March 29, 2010


A new day is dawning...

And if you've found me here than welcome to the same blog - with new web address!  New look!  And making of a New album coming soon...

If you link me on your website or blog, I would be so grateful if you could change the web addy to the above so as to be sure you can come back here, and find me.  I look forward to seeing you again.

Do tell me how you feel, what you think?

Loving on you...

Shell xx


  1. I feel excited and happy for you and I love, love, LOVE, the new look. The reason I like it is it expands across my screen. I'm toying with a similar looks for my favourite African charity, and for my own blog. Blessings and hugs xx

  2. I love it! I especially like the background! Looking forward to seeing all your adventures with the new album unfold! Bless you dear soul x

  3. I'm so glad to continue following you here! It looks so warm and lovely!! :) I can't wait to watch the video in your newer post, but I have to wait until my son is done napping. ;)


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