Friday, April 2, 2010

Studio Video Blog #1 - and other stories...

Hello dear friends.  I come to you today with much to share of recent doings.  Mostly music related.  But first, I want to wish a most magnificently Happy, warming and reflective Easter to all.

I have been in the studio much of this Good Friday, as well as general mothering, and preparing for our very family focussed rest-of-Easter-weekend-special-trip {more details soon!} and I am, at this minute baking a delicious Good Friday dinner, and remembering that my precious life was bought, by our Lord, at the cost of His only son, to save all our lives - which I reflect on, often, and especially this day.

So, today there are wooden Easter eggs hanging from anything I can find.  And some serious vocals going on!

My Jamie friend is here too.  
Aiding my pursuits, and twanging guitar strings...

And - Studio Video Blog #1 - has arrived!  Fresh off the digital press!

...Hideously full of my human-ness, my blunders, my hopes, laughter and passion to create a piece of sonic art.  I am new to this way of expressing via video - and hopeful, grateful for your acceptance, company along the way.


Bless you, and thank you and hold tight, more to come...

Shell xx


  1. Eggs, feathers, Jamie, laughter, Tara, Sean, egg much to love about you Shell!!! Happy Easter Shell and all the Tully family : )
    love you lots
    Lynn xoxoxoxx

  2. Thank you Shell, I enjoyed this immensely.
    Wishing you & yours & very blessed Easter.

  3. Hey Guys i thoroughly enjoyed it stuff ups, children eggs drums and all. have a lovely easter oxoxoxxxo bel

  4. Hello you glorious creature! I'm so excited that you are making a new album! I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  5. Many of joy, peace of heart and a great time on the day of Easter:)

  6. You have the most beautiful voice Mechelle. I'm going to look at more of your music right now. :)

    Happy Easter!

  7. Lynn - bless you! I am so glad you loved it!

    Anon - I am so glad it was enjoyed!

    Bel - I agonized for a moment about the stuff ups - and then thought - why edit them out? They're real, and so are we! So I'm glad you liked!

    Kerri - I just love you!

    Zimbabwe - Thank you, I hope you come again to visit!

    Alice - I hope you enjoy the music, I have so much more to some, watch this space, and bless you for your kind words. xx

    : )


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