Friday, March 5, 2010


Life is art.

I love the way it can show up in the most unannounced places. A parade of perfect circles formed by drops of rain, alongside and inside one another by the road on my way home...

Today's realisation: It's not so much that we create art, as art shows up in our lives anywhere, and everywhere.

I like to think I'm on the watch, and taking cues...

Shell xx


  1. Do you know that the circles rain drops make in puddles are one of my favourite things? Seems like a metaphor for so many things somehow. And a big yes to your thoughts about art x x

  2. You are creaTive oh yes oh my!!
    I fully enjoy your words, photos & music
    Girrrrl..You got it goin' on! lol

    MucH loVE


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