Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Autumn Falls...

...All of a sudden,
And you're here! Bringing your cooling mornings,
Causing me to make porridge and gaze out the window at your beauty.

If I were a season, I would be you.
For somedays I feel a little, {or a lot} orangey, even sepia in tone;

Sometimes I feel as if I've been holding it together so well all summer-
That now I need a little time to shed my leaves,
cool my mornings and my nights,
get ready for the cold.

Wrap myself in golden,
turn a year older
and God willing, a year wiser as well!

Shell xx

Wishing you a happy, hearty new Autumn/Spring/Season/thing!


  1. Lovely thoughts on your coming season, Shell. Happy Autumn to you! xx

  2. What a beautiful picture and beautiful thoughts to match. I love autumn, but right now I am looking forward to our springtime coming in. Seems like it's been a long winter. :)

  3. ...YOU are a poet...extraordinaire...

    STRAWBERRIES???...MY favorite! :)

  4. Oh so beautiful! I LOVE the light in this picture. You have received an award over on my blog! Please stop by and take a look x x

  5. Thank you, I am so chuffed by your visits and your words. And Kerri! Oi! I've never had an award!


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