Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Plantings...

There have been some clearings...
some outdoor working bees in Hillview's spring sunshine,
lots of digging and raking,
and then at long last -
some new plantings in my garden!

With the inspiring work ethic and botanical knowledge and talents of my Mother-In-Law, and Sisters-In-Law, my Emma, my Campbell, my Sean, and my little Tara using an old tea pot as her watering can and keeping all the new plantings well saturated!

So I thought I should share the beauty being created recently in my own back yard...

They're only new, and will flower next year I believe, but darling - I have hydrangeas!!!

And possibly every coloured daisy!

I have a new fence!
{Thank you Scott, and thank you husband!}
I always prefer to see wood, rather than metal, (except corrugated iron which is fabulously Australian, and so very, farmy)!

And I have two beautiful yellow climbing roses planted against that fence, I cannot honestly wait until they bloom in all their glory in a season to come.

And I too am planning to bloom,
so very, very soon...

Shell xx


  1. The garden looks great!! Enjoy the blooming!! Its the time for growing :) I hope your keeping well :)Martine

  2. The garden looks very nice and I can't wait to see all your blossoms both in the garden and in the family :-) Keep well until we see the little one. Big hugs xx

  3. Your garden is lovely. I agree about wood. My dad is a woodworker, so I grew up with an appreciation for it and I find it such a pretty site. I would love to have a wooden fence someday. :)


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