Friday, July 25, 2008

Go find the sun

I walked this morning in the misty cold.  With crunching of ice beneath my feet.  

I was hesitant to go out in it when I got up, looked out the window and saw the frozen terrain.  But I put on my coat and went anyway, looking for the sun...

And close to the top of the hill, there! I found him.  Hiding behind the silhouette of a tree.  And there, I swear, he too found me!

So we rose together, for a while...

Then I got home, and went inside.

All day he waited out there for me...  Kept light on my house, and warmth through my windows for morning tea.  

Got smothered by clouds, then chased them away - he waited out there for me, all day...

And then in the afternoon he shone, right into my cold and dingy room.  He begged me to join him out of doors.  We walked together, and he led the way, with light and life; and soon he started to fade away...

I was sorry I hadn't been with him for long.  But he told me not to worry, that there was a new day tomorrow.  And he would come.  

So I said I would rise in the morning, and go out a walking. No matter how cold, or dark or windy, or glum...  I will put on my coat, and go find the sun.

Shell xx


  1. Im crying, you have no idea how much you inspire me

    Thank you

  2. Im sitting here listening to the birds out side and thinking i never thought i could be so happy with life and love and you know what i deserve it!! Life is great isn't it!!

    : ) Im to happy today hehe


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