Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Garden party!

There was a hint of spring in the air today.  And to celebrate, we had afternoon tea out doors in the garden...

Afterwards I went for a walk up the hill, and listened to Feist on my headphones.  I bid good afternoon to every magpie and kangaroo that I saw (!) and as I walked I let the music take my heart on an emotional tour - you know the way you do sometimes?  

I pretend I am in a film, and this is the music in the soundtrack.  I walk, and sometimes dance along, as though the camera is watching my movements.  I mime the words as I explore in the scene.  I must be deeply talented and interesting - or I wouldn't be in this film!

Sometimes I could be Lizzy, from Pride and Prejudice.  Walking along (in cute dress) with a knowing smile at how the world is, and how it perhaps ought to be...

Atop of hill, I play lots of games with myself - I think of song lyrics, and set lists, and shopping lists, and love ones, missed.  I hear the gentle whisper of God's sweet voice, which makes me smile : )

Could this be a recipe for happiness?

Shell xx

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  1. You are a Lizzy; because you are a beautiful, clever, imaginative, loved and blessed woman! Plus you have a sense of humour... how wonderful to take afternoon tea outdoors. I've always thought tea improves when you can see the sky. I hope that when I visit one day you'll serve me tea in the garden!


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