Friday, August 1, 2008

Tara Grace Tully

Born on a beautiful, sunny Wednesday afternoon.  She was my forth baby, so I felt like I knew what I was doing...  But you cannot believe though, every pregnancy, every labour, every baby is different - and almost like your first again.

The morning of the day she was born, I woke up feeling wonderful, but I was pretty sure this could be 'the day'.  I concealed my painful contractions from the other three children throughout the morning and just did my normal chores.

Decided to go out and have a coffee for morning tea with my mother & sisters in law.  We came home and I tried to have a sandwich for lunch, I had Jamie phoned up at work and told to come home, he only made it by about 15 minutes!  For she was born at 2 in the afternoon, pink and perfect.

I've been lucky enough to have had all four of my babies at home.  With the help of some wonderful Midwives, and our trusted family doctor, and especially my mother in law, my most wonderful support during a hard, but natural thing, birth.  

It has been my choice to birth at home because I thought it was such a natural, private thing.  I know it's not for everyone, and the only thing that actually matters, is that a baby is safe and healthy, and loved.

So my baby girl is two today!

Happy Birthday, hip hooray!

Shell xx


  1. Beautiful birthday blog for a beautiful little girl!! Happy Birthday Tara Grace, so delighted, glad and blessed you were born two years ago!!

    God Bless You Tara :)

    thanks Shell!

    Proverbs 20:7
    The godly walk with integrity;blessed are their children who follow them.

    love always
    Lynn xx

  2. Oh she is one gorgeous little girl!!

    You are very blessed Shell!! Have a wonderful night!!



  3. what a beautiful beautiful baby girl... and I hope that one day when I have my own babes I shall be as lucky as you to be at home and enjoy the natural process! A very happy birthday to her!


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