Friday, September 5, 2008

Blessings in the form of banquets and babysitting!

I have had the most wonderful day!  Jamie and I had the chance to go out to lunch by ourselves!  My dear Mother in law & sisters in law did us the wonderful favour of minding the children for a few hours this afternoon so that we could go out together! 

We enjoyed a feast of smoked meats, cheeses, breads, salads and strangely delicious middle eastern dips and sauces!  It was marvelous.  This is where normally I would post a photograph of the banquet for your viewing pleasure, but I think I must have been far too busy eating! 

It was so lovely to relax and sit at the table, not having to wonder where the children were, what the babies were climbing on...  Although I must confess, after a short while, I did start doing just that!  

Jamie is to fly to Singapore in a few days for work.  So today we spoiled ourselves, with food, a little wine, and a lot of love!  

To make up for the shocking lack of 'banquet photography' I instead give you a photo of Jamie and I when we were kids, I think it was taken in 1995!

It is only a short trip of ten days for Jamie, and I'm sure I will have some great stories of his adventures over there, and mine from right here to post you soon!

Shell xx


  1. how glowing in love and sunshine you two are then... and not much has changed :p (p.s. sounds like a terribly delicious lunch!)

  2. You're right on both counts dearest girl!


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