Monday, September 1, 2008

Fair Weather Friend

I wrote a moving little song last night.

I had been watching an interview with some famous writer on ABC.  Incidentally I had never heard of him, but as I have a fascination for human behavior, his life story still intrigued me.  He was asked, and answered questions about his struggle to become a writer in the early 1970's.  The story involved Australian social history, which I love to hear about, as well as his family, and his relationship(s) - as there usually are at least several in stories such as these...

What got me started, was his account of  how he'd had an affair with an actress, who herself was married; he too was married, and his wife, pregnant at the time.  As I continued listening to this story, I realised my attention moving from him, to this wife he'd had long ago, and what this all would have done to her.  Where had it left her heart?  And what was her story?

So being a writer myself, I became so inspired I turned off the TV, went to the piano to write her story.

Fair Weather Friend

Fair weather friend, have you come to spend the day?
Have you come to laugh and play?
Until the sun, it goes away,
And the sky it turns from bright,
Into grey...

Fair weather friend, said you'd come to save the day,
So I gave all my cards away...
And in the end - will they ask you if you were a good man,
Or were, you a fair weather friend..?

Oh, when it gets dark out here,
Oh where am I to lay my head?
Where am I to pitch my tent?
Some would say 'you've made you bed now lie, down on it!'

But Fair weather friend!
You fled into the night, thought that you would be alright,
But when the sun, came out today,
You covered up your face, cause you knew then,
You were a fair weather friend...

* * *

I hope the lyrics translate as a poem, I will record it very soon for general listening pleasure...

Shell xx


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  2. I really love this song Mechelle; so much. I cannot wait to hear it.

  3. Such beautiful lyrics Shell!!Thankyou. Your writing is a gift and I am thankful you are a listening for the song in everything : )

    and we've all know those people....

    I've known many of them myself, and in the end you do know who your real friends are cause they are still there, day in day out, year after year, time after time....

    the evidence overwhelms me, true friends, precious diamonds in this life's journey and beyond....

    God bless you all!

  4. Thank you Lynn, I so enjoy your comments.

  5. I am so excited about this song, I cannot get it out of my head! So I have decided to add it to my playlist for Coffee & Chords on Sunday!


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