Thursday, September 18, 2008

Floriade Pt 1

This afternoon, we took a trip to Floriade.  

It is a flower festival held every spring in Canberra from mid September to mid October.  It always is one of my favourite family excursions, not just because I adore all of the gorgeous spring bulbs in bloom, bringing the children out for a day of floral splendor!  But because every Floriade marks the true beginning of spring.  The colour, and the magic of this wonderful season, our gift of new life after a cold grey(ish) winter!

And I get a chance to take ridiculously picturesque photographs like these...

I thought this looked like two ladies in yellow bonnets chatting gaily in the afternoon sun!

And how can you not be in awe at the beauty of poppies?

...and of Sean?

And the best news I have saved for last.  My beautiful friend is home, as Lynn so kindly expressed, where he belongs...

*happy sigh*

Shell xx


  1. Oh! I do love Floriade.. its been so many years since I last went! Those daffs do look like a pair of ladies in bonnets! It is so good to see the back of your beautiful friend home. You have been so patient and ever-loving... I can only imagine how happy he must feel too to be with ones he loves again; "where he belongs"..

  2. Oh, you must go again to Floriade one year! I would love to see how Nikon baby would capture it's beauty, in the way only you can!

    And, yes - he is very, very happy and relieved that he is home again. And so am I.


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