Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The pain game

I hurt my back while gardening a couple of weeks ago.  It wasn't too bad so I just ignored it.  I'm like that, I don't bother getting very interested in my own pain.  I hate to feel like I have a weakness!  To an extent, I think pain is a mental game, it's attitude based.  If you get on with your day, no matter how you feel, you can usually behave yourself to feeling better.  I think, unless you cannot move, staying in bed makes you stay ill.  And apart from that, I simply haven't got time to be sick or in pain!  

I am incredibly blessed as I am never sick, and I have never had back pain before this in my life.

So today when I was out walking my back went 'ping' again, and now I'm in a whole lot of Ouch!  
There is no moral to this story however, as I am still pretty much ignoring it!  Apart from admitting it to you here.  

I have had to put Tara in the bath as she found some hand cream and rubbed it all into her hair!  The only day she would do this is the day I am hurting to bend over isn't it!

Oh well, life's good.

God Bless,

Shell xx


  1. Hi shell

    How you doing? I hope you feel better sooon let me know if i can do anything?


  2. I feel great! Just have to let it heal, and not do too much jumping around!!!! Oh! Sometimes I dislike mortality!!

  3. I will pray that your back heals,
    and I think it is quite telling of your selfless nature that you would not dwell on your own pain; that you would rather embrace life and be as active as you can. I find you so inpsiring, you are a beautiful woman Mechelle - keep being who you are.

  4. Well, the Devil wants to crush our spirits; but the biggest enemy in our lives I believe, comes from within...

    We too often 'cripple' ourselves by worrying about minor aches and pains, physical and emotional. My reason for writing is to remind myself, and maybe others, to rebel against the norm - and choose to be happy!


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