Sunday, September 21, 2008

Power of music...

I have had the most wonderful day!  

The Tullys had the first of our end of year "holiday season" gigs last night, and we were in fine musical and entertaining form!  There are a lot of gigs booked for the end this year, and beginning of the next, and I always look forward to entertaining people, it's a great job.

Today I did Coffee & Chords, it was marvellous!  I had so many wonderful responses, which made me so happy.  I'm not even sure why I do it sometimes, as I don't get paid!  But I suppose the benefits for me have been that I can promote the band, and my name as a local singer/songwriter, also it has kept me "fit" as a musician and vocalist, and performer throughout the quieter, winter months.

But there is something more important than the above that drives me to perform solo at the coffee shop, I can hardly explain it, but I know I am supposed to do it.  I love to do it.  The smiles I get from passers by, the people that sometimes stand there and sing along, or just watch with delight, and the fans and friends I have made have been phenomenal.  I hope I am giving something back to my own community.  A gift that has worked it's way back to me, for I am so blessed to be able to communicate the power of music.

Thank you to all of you (so many!) who came today!

Shell xx


  1. You are welcome Shell!! It is always such a pleasure to hear you play and sing, to be amongst your family and friends who love you, to see you interacting with so many strangers young and old as they pass by, to see you touch hearts and spirits with your precious gift!

    Thankyou for sharing your gift so willingly! You may only know the true extent of your generosity in heaven.

    be blessed Shell : )

    love always
    Lynn xx

  2. Oh - how sweet of you to say such things! It is the job I have always dreamed of having, the gift I would have asked for if I had been given the choice of any in the world! I kind of look forward to singing in heaven, and there, they will turn the background music down. I hope!

  3. Im sorry i missed it, iv had a bad headache for a few days now! I know it would of made it better i should have left the boys at home and come and hear your voice from the angels! I promise ill be there next time! If im not you can tickle me till i burst lol!



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