Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thought for the day

Sometimes, I feel small, and insignificant to the eyes of the world,
and I suppose I am...
But that is not to say,
that all the things I do aren't noticed,
and appreciated, 
and giving delight to;
my Father, my friend, my comforter,
my Lord.

Shell xx


  1. Beautiful photo, beautiful poem.

    thankyou Shell, you are right on about Him noticing every little thing and appreciating all our efforts : )

    A wonderful fact to contemplate....

    bless you xx

  2. It is a wonderful blessing, to know God's grace; that he can love each and everyone of us with the same overpowering love, that is above and beyond our capacity. It reminds me of the verse in Luke that starts "Consider the lillies of the field, they neither toil nor spin.."

    Have a beautiful day, dear friend!

  3. Thank you Lynn, glad you saw what I saw in the picture, and the poem - (I am itching to take photos at Floriade this year!)

    Windhover - I too love that verse, it has always spoken straight to my heart.

    : )


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