Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday's Poem

If ever hurts, my heart,
You mend it for me,
Give me courage, to be courageous!
And never wish me to blend in,
Into corridors, where people shuffle blindly...
And take their medicine,
I take leave!
I take sunshine-
Take to the sky!

If ever longs, my heart,
You fill it, completely;
Remind me to sing, and show me how to dance.
And give me the courage, to be courageous!
Break me free from corridors-
Wake me up from blindness, sleep!

Feed me sunshine, feed me light,
I call out for 'awake-ness!'
I call out - and you answer, fulfilling every promise...
The sun is on it's way;
And so are you,
Thank God!  
But if no one else, you, know my heart!

Shell xx


  1. Oh Mechelle,
    What a blessing it is to know such a courageous, spirited and faithful woman as you! Too often we get caught up with following the masses; too often we forget our hearts; we stop listening; stop noticing the beauty around us... I always find your words so inspiring, so true. Thank you for sharing

  2. Thank you Emily,

    It's true, I like to try and look beyond the obvious in life. I want to feel everything, and not just believe all that I hear, but work life out for myself I suppose. I think I will be able to feel life better if I take responsibility for what I see and what I believe...

    ps: Inspired? Right back at you!


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