Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just a thought...

This afternoon, the children and I went for a walk down the paddock.  We sat on mossy rocks under a tree, and while the children played about the with their toy cars and Emma drew in her notebook, I thought for a long time, about the art of thought.

That we have a responsibility, to oversee our own thoughts.  To do our own emotional house keeping!  What I mean is, if we can get past being enslaved by our emotions, then we are at liberty to release them completely into whatever creative endeavor!  We can relate to people more easily, and can bloom into who we were put on this Earth to be.

I am still a bit deep in thought about this, maybe I'll tell you my more of my maturing thoughts on this tomorrow...

Your thoughts..?

Shell xx


  1. I do so agree Shell. If only we can free ourselves of the bondage of self obsession, then can we be free to not only be be creative but to serve others. What greater purpose can there be than that? bless you for "thinking"...

    with love
    Lynn xx

  2. I need you to explain much more for me hehe.. But i sort of get what you are saying if we stp thinking so much about ourself we can grow more into the person we wont to be? Is that close or know where near..

    Your beautiful shell and your children are so blessed to have such a gorgeous mum.

  3. Lynn, Sarah, you're both in my heart! And in my head also it seems... I'm glad you both wish to help me explore these thoughts!


Thank you for your thoughts...