Friday, October 17, 2008

To pause, and focus

The end of the working week always feels exciting to me.  Husband will be home for a few days, gigs to be done, daylight saving upon us, and warm weather expected all the while...

Tomorrow the band will be donating our time for the Salvation army here in Canberra, their annual Spring Fete.  We will perform twice for their patrons and I expect it to be a lovely day.

I haven't forgotten about my 'just a thought' post from Tuesday, I am endeavoring to find a way to explain it better...  All comments very welcome.

I am to play another Coffee and Chords on Sunday, and then on Monday I am performing for the Prime Minister at Old Parliament House on behalf of The Carers Association

So I am taking the time just now to pause, and focus before this busy weekend; I am so blessed to be able to do for a living, what I enjoy and shine in.

In love,

Shell xx

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