Sunday, November 2, 2008

All Hallows Eve

Many of my young siblings in law have been planning their costumes since November 1 last year...  I threw mine together this last week, and Jamie finally decided on Indiana Jones in the last hour before Friday night's party...  

The evil queen from Snow White (Moi), Indiana Jones (Jamie), Campbell as Lord of the Dance, and Tara, who would have been a clown if she had worn her wig!

We had a ball...

My soon to be brother-in-law Scott, as the Joker.  No doubt the best costume of the night!

And by special request from Miss Windhover, Sean in his Thomas the Tank Engine dress up!  He calls it his "choo choo"

What a blessed life!

Shell xx

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  1. hehe your costumes are ALL fabulous! I wish I'd been able to dress up this year but alas I was too busy and working. However, I am having a little end of year afternoon tea party with some friends from uni with a dress-up-as-your-favourite-book-character instead! And I really think Sean takes the cake.


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