Sunday, November 9, 2008

China Tea...

Jamie is going to China tomorrow morning.  It has been planned for ages with his work, but I can hardly believe the day is very nearly here.

When he returns in a couple of weeks, our guests from overseas will have already arrived, ahead of my sister in law's wedding!

Time has flown by this year.  I have been looking so forward to the spring and summer.  So much has already happened, and is yet to occur; a new baby born, a wedding day, family arriving from overseas, Christmas just down the road...  New Years... Another year, gone by.  A chapter closed.  And then a new one to begin.

I have enjoyed this week of documenting afternoon tea.  A time to hold a hot cup and think about our lives, unable to control how quickly they pass us by, but only how much love we give as we go.

Shell xx

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  1. ooo how fast this year has gone i look back an i have some such a long way to the women i want to be. and i know without the new found friends i have made. life is so wonderfully blessed with so many joys!


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