Thursday, November 20, 2008

Feeling thoughtful...

I try to sit in silence, 
a little each day,
to hear your voice, and to be honest with my heart,
about who I am,
and what I want, 
and to find out, what more I can do, to serve.

The encouragement you give,
drives me on, 
Yet I am so fallen,
you freely give me love, and praise.

It is selfless love I seek to give,
It is so easy to give conditional love,
Which may not, in that case,
Be love at all.

But only something which gives,
And waits,
And hopes,
And hears,
And gives some more,
Can really be,

Shell xx


  1. I've just come from a very sad funeral where the priest spoke of love. "Not Hollywood love" he said, "real love. As its written in the bible". He then read 1 Corinthians 13. Funny how our good Lord works everything!
    Love Leanie

  2. I am so glad I touched on what was in your heart today. Must have been meant to be...

  3. Shell, I came to your blog via the Tully's website. What a lovely, inspirational place. What a beautiful young woman, wife and mother you are. I so enjoy your lyrics and poems.

    Love, Helen


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