Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ladies of the Canyon

Even though my house is always full of children, piano playing, finger painting, milk cups and Nutella crusts, it is somehow a little too quiet when your husband is away...

So to fill up some of the empty space I went onto iTunes and bought myself a Joni Mitchell album.  Her third, released in 1970, called Ladies of the Canyon.

I have only listened, and I mean really sat and listened to one of her other albums, Blue (which she released the year after this), and I really love it for what it is, a personal journal of songs, written all by her, on an assortment of piano and acoustic guitar.  With lyrics that make you feel "Blue", and others that make you laugh out loud - most importantly though, and either way, they make you listen.

Definitely a fan, definitely a new influence for me, and my upcoming third album...

Shell xx

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