Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Over Wednesday's cup of afternoon tea...

...I watched the speeches, heard the cheers,
And felt a lot of the world stand still.

Anthemic music, the promise of years,
Ahead, be brighter, and change be willed.

All the while I prayed, and thought,
How really, God can be the only flawless leader,

The only one whose promises will always be kept,
And whose love, will always remain...

So I sipped my tea, and I hoped that they,
Who chose their president this day,

Acted in love, and not in hate, 
Of what I believe was great president before him,
And a fine campaigner opposing him.

I thought about how much I love America,
And hope that they will remember,

Love is the only thing that prevails,
Love never fails.

Shell xx


  1. "How really, God can be the only flawless leader"

    so true and beautifully said Shell, thankyou


    L xx


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