Friday, November 7, 2008

Tea at the piano...

Sometimes, I drink my tea at the piano,
I sip in between verses;
Singing loudly! Careful not to spill my cup!
Other times softly, with a whisper, and maybe a little tear...
I hum, and write, and play,
And stay, as soon, or as long, 
As the cup.

Shell xx

ps: I cannot thank you enough for reading.  Your comments, your silent observation, your visits here are all felt by me, and I am overjoyed to be writing to you friends.



  1. The pleasure is mine as well Shell, always a blessing to share your life and thoughts. And a coffee here and there....but then, that's what friends are for, or are we sisters? I forget now....
    love you
    Lynn xx

  2. It is a joy dear friend to stop by here - you remind us of the beauty and blessings in life - Thank you!


Thank you for your thoughts...