Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What can be more special than a wedding?

Well things are gearing up for a busy, exciting and memorable weekend here at home.  I have mentioned in a previous post that my dear sister in law Sarah is getting married.  There has been much planning and preparation over months and months and finally it is all very close to happening.

I have been appointed the sort of musical director, and I shall of course be singing and playing a little piano with my favourite boys!  I am also making some salads for the reception.  I am sure that my duties will spill into activities such as waitressing, dancing foolishly, laughing outrageously and general behind the scenes business/silliness to help make the day work out beautifully - and I shall be loving every single minute of it!  What can be more fulfilling than being with, and helping your family?!

And what can be more special, than a wedding?

Shell xx

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  1. Oh Shell! Im looking forward to dancing and acting like a silly goose with you! I cant tell you how special i feel to be able to watch two people so in love confuse it to everyone. Very vry special day!

    Let me know if i can help.


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