Friday, December 26, 2008

Summary of a summery Christmas

I shall start this post by summing up...

I have had a wonderful Christmas.   I have laughed and sung and celebrated, and tried my best to savour every moment.

I was up late into the night on Christmas eve waiting for my children to go to sleep, and finishing my sort of homemade present for my sister and brother in law (whom I affectionately refer to here as the newlyweds).  But there was strong tea and pavlova with all the fruity toppings to sweeten me up through the night.

It is a recipe book which I bought from one on Canberra's best paper shops, that I have been writing all the Tully family recipes in for them to cherish, and enjoy for their new lives together.

The children enjoyed the morning of opening presents, I was pleased by how sweet they all were, not greedy or selfish.  Just enjoying the gifts given in love, and also enjoying giving the gifts they had made for their cousins, aunties and uncles.

I scored a couple of lovely things myself...

An home dried flower from my beautiful sister in law Anna.

And this fantastic hat, from myself!

Don't you just love a summery Christmas!

Shell xx

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