Friday, January 2, 2009

He'll Only Go/Heart Song

If only I could sing you this through a blog.  A song which I have been writing for months which sort of turned into two songs; finished on new years day. 

He'll Only Go/Heart Song
Mechelle Tully

I don't know if you are, leading me or if you're following,
I don't know if you are, leading me or if you're following?

He'll only go, if you do
He'll only go...

And though, he might know the answer, 
And though, you might know the words,
He won't go, unless he knows,
You're following.

Heart song, sung by a little bird,
Saved me from a hurricane,
Brought me in from the pouring rain.

Heart song, woke me up from the deepest sleep,
I didn't know I was in...

I was missing out, by not taking in,
Every blade of grass, every morning bird,
I was fast asleep!
But now I'm listening,
To every little song you sing.

Shell xx


  1. Mechelle, this is beautiful... It speaks so honestly of your heart. Ah, one day I hope to hear it!

  2. Thank you Windhover. I am sure it will make the album!

  3. Gorgeous! I can hera you singing it.


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