Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All the small things...

My sister-in-law and I spent this morning bagging up clothes for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.  The children helped me sort clothes into sizes and organise them into bags etc.  I tried to think, if I was that mother who had just lost her home and everything in it, what would I need for my children (knowing it would matter most, to have them clothed and comforted).  It felt good to help out in a small way...

I did some baking, one of the first cakes I have ever made!  Having only just acquired an oven.  I made this delicious banana loaf.  Recipe, (and convection microwave oven for that matter!) courtesy of a much beloved sister-in-law.

Perhaps I didn't need to take several photos of the thing, but I was rather proud of it's perfection!  

Funny how taking delight in all the small things,  and doing lots of small good deeds, can somehow make you feel a little more certain that all will be well.  "A merry heart, does good like a medicine" says the bible.  So eschew all worries, and work on the light in your heart.  Keep it on through fear, and doubt and pain.  

And let us pray for Victoria; and for each other, through whatever struggles that may be facing us.

Shell xx


  1. Thank you darling. I have been sitting here in Manila feeling appalled by the tragedy, and feeling like there is nothing I can do.

    I should have know that you and Kathleen would already be on the job to help. You are a tower of strength to me when I'm away.

    Lots of love from Manila.


  2. I can finally comment as "Leanie" now that I have remembered my password! LOL
    I too tried to think of the types of clothes I would want/need in the situation so many have found themselves in. Your cake looks marvelous and the one I tasted this afternoon was just delicious! L

  3. Oh, you two are the kindest, loveliest people in all the world!

  4. It was so nice to donate little things that Joel grow out of knowing that they will go to a little boy who needs them so ever so much. I can smell that cake from here lol.

    It truly does touch your herat to touch some one else's.

  5. I feel blessed to know that all of your commenting friends have kindly opened their hearts and helped too! It is testament to the compassion of human nature. I am glad to see that your new oven is working! That cake looks so delicious... I can almost smell it from here. To many more baked posts in the future!


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