Saturday, February 14, 2009


Tonight I go about my evening, but with a flutter of impatience and excitement inside...  My dear friend and darling husband is due to arrive home tomorrow after having been weeks away with work.

I am not inclined to give any notice to Valentines Day, and the folly of red roses and Hallmark cards, as I believe everyday is this special day with a special friend.  

A warm smile, to me is more thoughtful than a red rose; and a respectful regard and honest friendship, more telling than a card with a pre-printed message.

The is no harm of course in these things between lovers I suppose, but the point I wish to make, is that there be true love in between any, or all of the above exchanges.

Goodnight dear friends.  I wish you love.

(photo by Anna Eliza Tully)

Shell xx

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