Monday, March 9, 2009

Canberra Day

Please forgive my recent silence...

I am finally back online with my MacBook home from the doctor and all be very well!

It is Canberra Day public holiday today, and there are celebrations going on in the city.  I am here at home, taking in the quiet, bathing my babies, sweeping the floor, then having lots of tea with Jamie, putting my feet up.

I have had a few ankle malfunctions in the last week, I sprained the left while out walking a week ago, and then unluckily the right on Friday, so I have been hobbling a little and forced to slow down, a bit...

On my wonky ankles The Tullys played at a "highbrow" ball the other night, and we are to have a promotional photo shoot on Wednesday (which I am not looking forward to) because I feel I am horribly un-photogenic!

I shall post the photos forthwith and we can laugh at them together!  

I look forward to posting more regularly again, sharing more of my mind, my heart, my poetry, my world...

Shell xx

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  1. I look forward to seeing the photos Shell. There is one thing that you are definitely not, and that is un-photogenic. You are beautiful inside and out! :) xxx


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