Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Sun said to me...

After seeing Jamie off in a taxi early this morning, I went for a walk up the hill to see the sun rise.  I wish I had taken my camera so I could show you how wonderful the foggy morning looked to my eyes with the sun rising behind.

I sat in front of it's ascending beauty and meditated on this next little while with Jamie gone away to China, children to raise, songs to write, and life to manage, and live contently in.

The fog sort of diffused the direct glare which normally makes you avert your eyes, so I was able to just gaze directly into the eye of the sun.  And while I was there in a dream like state, the sun said to me...

Come and find me.  I am here to be found,
I greet you everyday with my love,
Comfort you who are not too proud to be loved.
Share with you, my colours;
For I am every colour that you see, 
And with my colour I catch your eye, inspire you to feel me,
Therefore find me,
And when it seems too hard do not forget me!
This is when you need me, 
You cannot be too proud!

Come and find me; 
I am there,
Waiting, to warm you with my love.

I know it was really my prayer.  And in a way putting these things into words makes them seem imperfect.  But in the beauty and quietness of the moment, I also knew I was not alone when hearing it.


Shell xx


  1. Your words are as perfect as the warm heart they emanate from Shell. God Himself speaks through you and you reflect His perfection. Bless you for sharing your private moments with me.
    Lynn xx


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