Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Change of Scenery, of Colour, of Content?

  • Random note -

I am obviously ready for the cold weather.  Every day I put the heaters on, wear a scarf,  but half an hour later I have stripped down to a t-shirt and flip flops, because it's just not very cold here, at all!  And yet, I persist...

In other news, I am feeling like a change...  Of scenery, of colour, of content?  

  • Change of Colour?

I very nearly went so wild as to change my blog template today (shock!) however I didn't like any of the others so it became a - cut one's nose off to spite one's face - situation which I quickly thought better of.


  • Change of Content

I realise I am not sharing enough poetry and music with you!  Can I please be forgiven!

(It's not that I just found the font size button - only that I finally found a reasonable use for it!)

I am completely loving The Swell Season at this moment in my musical experience...  Visit their link, listen to the free songs, then go buy it on iTunes.  If you love that singer/song writer/folky/acoustic/type/thing then won't regret it...

They are primarily, the musicians from the film Once, who recorded an album together after the film, called The Swell Season, and it randomly, beautifully, seems to have inadvertently, become the name of their collaboration. 

  • ...of Scenery?

I am very soon to be jetting off for a short chance of scenery, to beautiful Singapore.  My Jamie is going to be there for work and I am flying out early next week to meet him.

So I hope you're well, dear reader *and hoping there is more than one of you* I am feeling a little changeable today, and so is the Canberran weather...  it is blowing a gail outside, an hour ago it was sunny and warm, this morning - crisp and cold.

I am definitely sunny; quite warm; with a possible wild storm of creativity coming on!

And the relevance of a photo of a tea towel, with a quote from Edgar Degas at the top of this post, to the content below it?  Very little.

Shell xx

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