Saturday, April 11, 2009

A walk in the rain...

We were threatened with rain when setting out on our Good Friday picnic down the paddock yesterday, but had high hopes for returning sun.

We had chicken soup under a tree, as the sun promptly arrived;

I put my Nikon to the test by zooming up on mountains;

And stopped to hug trees - how impressively big is this one?!

Walked home with Tara holding my hand, and thanked the Lord for giving us such inspiration, and guidance in Jesus; and remembering, to remember this, at Easter.

Shell xx


  1. Yes, we must remember those things! I think a picnic in the paddock is the perfect way to spend Good Friday, and my heart fills so full just looking at your photos.

  2. Beautiful tree, if only he could speak about all the wonders he has seen in his lifetime, and about that one glorious hug that changed him forever.
    bless you Shell, even the trees rejoice at the sight of you : )



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