Sunday, May 31, 2009

Palette of the Autumn sky...

I am sort of loathed to be at the end of Autumn for another year.  So as a bit of a farewell to the season, I took myself for a little photographic tour this morning of all the trees and leaves which have been the objects of my out of window looking all season...

Check the hidden bee...

Honied yellow dripping gold,
     Leaf of autumn 
          in the cold
     Dancing on
          in crisp despair
     Whirling on
          enchanted air
     Falling silently to
          earthen tomb
     Away from tree's
          rooted arm
     Perhaps the silence
          broken then
     By hollow cries
          of autumn grief
    Synchronized with
          the falling leaf

Shell xx


  1. Your bee and foliage photo is absolutely fantastic.

  2. You are so beautiful Mechelle; inside and out..

  3. A beautiful post and beautiful photos to go along with it =] Ran into a bunch of aussies here on the streets of Vancouver. They are from Sydney and they'd just come from the Rocky Mountains. We had nice, hot weather for them though it is heading in to winter there =]


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