Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Soul...

I've been utterly affected by an episode of Spectacle: Elvis Costello With...  which was on ABC2 t'other night, featuring (his wife) Diana Krall, and (my favourite) Elton John.

I've been thinking about singing some jazz...  Figure I have the right tools:  Deep woman's voice, and a tuned piano...  But I've got to develop the most important ingredient:  Soul.

I'm loving it.

In other news, I wrote a Joni Mitchell/Bob Dylan type little songy thing this morning after breakfast.  (I love writing songs in the morning, they are different to the ones you write late at night somehow...)

V1. I’ve taken time to think about it,

I’ve taken time to be a woman,

In my own right,

To listen to the moments, watch them ticking by-

I’ve asked all the big questions,

Like why am I not the hero in my own life?

& what’s the end of the book like?


But this world is, fading away,

And your own life, Isn’t your own life-

Unless you give it away,

I want to give it away, in my own kind-

Of fallen way.

V2. It’s just time to face the mountain,

And know that I can’t put it off any longer,

To go see the sun rise -

go drink the warmth of His eyes…

I wanna paint you a picture and a photograph,

I wanna get the window seat and see, 

where you can’t see, where the sky ends -

And the ocean begins.


And you say it’s your world,

But I say it’s fading away,

And your own life, isn’t your own life,

Unless you give it away,

Watch me give away, 

In my own kind, of fallen way...

Songsmithingly Yours,
Shell xx

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  1. Songsmithingly awesome Shell!!!



    L xx


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