Thursday, May 28, 2009

A time of pleasure and of plenty...

I often have talked here about my take on the seasonal changes of life...  Being only days away from the beginning of Winter here in Australia, I thought it time to post more observations...

For me, I feel like it's time take stock of all that I have, and be so wholly thankful for this time of pleasure in the simple, yet plentiful things...

This winter I plan to record my album - develop her theme, her name, and start to show you all her new songs;
I plan to make lots of pumpkin soup from the produce of my garden!  
I plan to be frugal with money, as we enter into the grown up world of house mortgages;
I plan to light the fire more often, and stay inside, sitting down reading to my children;
I plan to iron less, and serve others more;

I plan to keep warm of heart, of spirit and  of body this coming Winter.

What plans have you?

Shell xx

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