Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A year of Short Stories...

Today marks one year,

Since I came here, to share with you my walk,

Through aspects of a poetic life,

Through thick and thin, and my favourite things,

My home, and my family,

My world, which I see from my window...

I set out, in my first post, to give you my thoughts,

And hoped to hear some of yours,

I have not been disappointed, but been blessed beyond belief,

I have relished the chance to share a piece of everyday with you,

Because the walk, is life.  

And what better way to live it, than to share it -

Walking with you...

Shell xx's to another blessed year!

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  1. Dearest Mechelle, I cannot begin to tell you how much joy I have felt from your words, stories, photos, reflections. You are a brilliant, inspiring woman and I feel blessed to know you as a friend and fellow artist. To many more years to come!


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