Saturday, June 13, 2009

Warm loves...

Yesterday was the coldest day on record for Canberra.  Ever.  The mercury got no further than to 4˚C.

Low cloud and fog prevented the sun from shining all day long.  And being an Australian, I'm not used to sunshine deprivation - even for one, small, day!

So I went out immediately and bought some pineapple to make myself feel Summery, it tasted delicious and almost felt like a slight on the weather to do such tropical thing in such temperatures!

I brought home some fresh lillies to brighten up the sun room...

And some eighties delicious red leg warmers to lift my core temperature, and my spirits!

Determined to enjoy the rest of this Australian mild winter am I!  Enjoying plenty of hot tea, baked delights, homemade soups, woolen shawls, long walks, good books & warm loves.

Dinner time!

Songsmith xx


  1. Looks like you are making the best of winter. The photos are beautiful and I feel like I'm there with you when you tell us what you're doing =]

  2. That first picture is positively breathtaking!


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