Friday, July 10, 2009

In my place...

This be one of my favourite places...

Where I can take snippets of reality and fantasy - scribble down poetic phrases - make them into songs.

Songwriting is my first love and craft. As a child it was my escape - something I knew I could do well, it was a different, secret world, where I could live...

As an adult, and a Christian it is still my love and my craft. It is now my {though humble} income, a big part of my identity - I have lived out so many of my musical dreams already. I have found a band in my husband and brothers - such gifted and fine men. I have recorded at Studios 301 in Sydney with Abbey Road producer Richard Lush, I've taken my music to America and played for what I think are the nicest audiences in the world. And it seems that my music in part, has become my ministry.

Still I am asked so often, 'what kind of music do you play?'

I'm not "fashionable" - so it can't be Pop!
I'm not cool - so it shan't be Rock.
I'm not classical, or tutored, or trained -
I am organic. Handmade.
Sepia toned.
Folk geared.
Mildly hysterical!
Commercially inept...
Slightly teachable?
Whole heartedly passionate.
Wide awake-
{if daydreams don't count?}
and above all,

I am Yours!

I'm anxious to know what you may call it?

Songsmith xx


  1. I call it "heartsong" and I love it...

  2. I call it - beauty, love, soul, light, joy, whimsy, inspired and glorious x

  3. I don't know what to call it as a genre but it is simply wonderful! xoxo


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