Monday, July 13, 2009

The Pursuit of Happyness

{title deliberately spelled incorrectly in tribute to the film}

I know this is not a new film, but while I came across it last night on free-to-air, as it drew me in and pulled on all of my heart strings, it was surely new to me.

The Pursuit of Happyness {which I'm sure you know about} is a film based around the formative trials in the life of Chris Gardner. It deals with a single parent who is devoted to his very young son, striving to provide a prosperous lifestyle for them both out of nothing but raw talent, and pure determination. If you have not seen it, then do. I won't spoil the story line except to say that it is painful, and wonderful all at once...

It's the sort of emotional content I try so often to avoid - I seem to have no 'backbone' when it comes to movies - if something is upsetting I get too sensitive about it, and have been known to cry on and off for days afterwards. But sometimes you need to see a film like this. Sometimes we must be reminded of how lucky we are, those that are safe in their homes, with somewhere warm to sleep tonight.

I did some reading about Chris Gardner today and I am such a fan of his spirit. I am this day enraptured by a human with so much passion. All day I have been inspired and emotional, so I took this passion into my recording studio and laid down two songs in a row!

It's always amazing to me how hope filled stories can be found anywhere, anytime, and can speak to you so deeply in that moment when your heart is open. I think God can speak to you when you're in this place. I know I was spoken to after I watched The Pursuit if Happiness. And for it I am more humble, grateful, inspired and motivated to live my dreams, and serve my beloveds. From my safe, warm, blessed corner of the world tonight.

Shell xx

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