Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank you Sunday!

This morning I went out in search of flowering Winter bulbs in my own front garden...

And had the pleasure of putting them, along with some fresh Rosemary, on my {finally} finished kitchen cabinet!

Newly painted, edged, primmed and completed -somedays, things just come together. And today my friend made our kitchen cabinet come together, which then allowed homemade Asparagus soup and Pane' Di Casa to be a worthy reward and christening for lunch!

So today I can smell fresh paint, {wonderful!} sweet Jonquils, hot soup - and between all three, I'm in heaven!

Thank you Sunday!

Shell xx


  1. early blooms, kitchen cabinet, asparagus soup, (and you) - all beautiful, all worthy of thanks!

  2. Hey, your kitchen looks great! I love spring bulbs too! It's a bit colder here I imagine so mine have just started to poke their shoots through the dark earth. Can't wait till they bloom!


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