Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Away too long...


I've been silent in this space too long of late. So where have I? What have I? I hear you inquire?

I've been watering and examining my upcoming apricots - perhaps close range photography will improve them? I've also been further digging in the post rain, soft soil around my house, making garden beds, pulling weeds, thinking about things, and sort of "discovering" another part of myself I knew not was there - the gardner.

The physical work of it is wonderful, I love to really stagger away from the shoveling, long after my back and surrounding muscles have asked me to. I somehow seem to crave exhaustion! But really, I am discovering more of myself as I learn this new skill... And working the ground with my shovel, my feet and my two hands is somehow making me even closer to wondrous Hillview...

On Friday I came home from the fruit market to find a package on my door step.

Addressed to me in the most AMAZING way by the Divine and Darling Kerri!

I can only say that I have been given a treasure! It's a small screen print on canvas, and has the pure spirit of it's maker around it... Upon my opening, I looked, and these two little birds winked at me, and said that I was to use them as inspiration for the wall above my piano where I have been meaning to arrange a selection of inspiring pieces of art to look upon while I am writing playing and arranging.

I have to say, I am always thrilled and amazed by the way inspiration flows and simply grows through the artists I have met in this blogging place. Thank you Kerri. Touched, delighted and honored am I!

I have also been observing pink sunsets; and capturing them for display here... Meaning so truly to make each of these pictures and subjects into posts of their own all week. But my days have been long, and I am feeling the pressure of four children all the more with my friend away for work all week. Especially with one of them sick overnight...

But certainly on the mend with a smile like this on his lovely {burning up} face - and his cousin over for a compassionate visit! I couldn't resist taking a photo of them looking so cute!

I have indeed been away too long, but intend in future not to let the noise in my head make for silence on the screen.

Shell xx


  1. I have indeed been wondering what you've been up to! And, it's like you read my mind as in an earlier post I'd wondered what the plant was and now you've given me a close up and told me (apricots). I'm so glad you've been digging in the dirt and letting it speak to you. Glad too that your little one is on the mend. As for me, I am still with the last stages of a cold. How I simply wish it was all over. But I am so much better than I was a week ago. It is delightful that Kerri sent you an awesome print for inspiration. What a doll :-)

  2. I'm so glad that your back...although a break doing gardening sounds great :) there is nothing quite like learning so much from tending to a garden and seeing a place that was void of life come alive and bloom and flourish...the birdy picture is so beautiful :) I hope your little one is much better soon, Have a wonderful day and blessings to you, Love Martine
    ps. thanks so much for your lovely encouraging messaging you leave on my blog! They make my day!!

  3. Yay you got it! Sorry it's only wee, I probably should have told you that beforehand! I'm so glad you are gardening. I really think that gardening is like a sort of meditation. Strange how whenever I am working in my garden I am unable to think or worry about anything else. I think it's a very healing activity. Hope your little boy is on the mend x x

  4. Oh my oh my, where to begin? This post was well worth waiting for! Those apricots are so promising, I love fresh apricots. And I feel much the same about gardening as a gentle, meditative act. I have spent time with Alex planting a vegetable garden in our future house to be and it was such a good feeling to dig into the earth and watch things grow. We are intended to watch things grow and grow ourselves! Kerri's print is nothing short of beautiful... She is a treasure. So is that sunset. And your babes - sending healthy thoughts and blessings your way!

  5. I feel so encouraged, so befriended and blessed by all of these kind words.

    Thank you so much - you, women of the same heart - women of the salt which keeps the Earth as good as it can be.

    Thank you for coming to this place and reading my words. You power my lamp, to stay alight and live and create and prosper.

    May all these things be true also for you!

  6. Oy! I would swoon in that sunset! And for the record, any absence is excusable when you've had your hands in the earth, reconnecting with the very roots of life (and Shell, I would have never taken you for NOT a gardener!)!


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