Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Fair, and a Ball!

I'm off to a spring fair today to support The Salvos. The difference for me is, I get to be the face of it! Fittingly, I'm up there next to the clown!

I also baked some donations for the cake stall.

And will later be singing my little heart out for them all before dashing away to sound check for a high brow ball in town tonight.

ps: I love my job!

Songsmith xx


  1. Wow! You are one busy mama and songstress. I love the fair idea and wish I was there to hear you and buy and sample some sweet morsels of your lovely baking contribution. Yummm. :-)

  2. The Salvo fair looks like it would have been heaps of fun!I would have loved to come if we lived a little bit closer :) Your baking looks delicious - you have an awesome job!!

  3. You baked goods look delicious Mechelle (and I know they will taste it too)! I love that photo montage of you for their flier! I so wish I could go...

  4. Oh you are so cool! Looks like you've hit the big time!

  5. Joyful, I wish you were there. Lynn came along (as she lives in Canberra) and I just know you would have sat there with her in the hot Aussie sun!

    Martine, Thank you! One day, perhaps!

    Emily, I know, isn't it wonderful to bake for charity!


    Kerri, you're too kind - the 'big time' is reading all your amazing comments, that is success, in having friends such as the...


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